Become a Wholesaler so you can add an additional revenue stream to your E-commerce store.

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Why should you become a Wholesaler?

Don’t let paid advertising be your only option to bringing in sales. Ad costs are getting out of control and now with the business crushing IOS update, it will be hard to make paid ads profitable. You need to look for a new sales channel that will bring you consistent and scalable sales at a profit.

This is where Smart Sell Club Wholesaler comes in. We allow you to add an additional revenue stream by making your products available to dropshippers at a wholesale price. The add your products to their store through our Marketplace.

The Smart Sell Club Marketplace provides E-commerce stores like you with a great platform where they can offer their products to millions of Shopify dropshippers globally.

Benefits of becoming a Wholesaler!

Add another revenue stream that you have full control of. It is reliable, scalable and fast.

Reach millions of customers

Wholesale to the world's largest network of Dropshippers who are on Shopify in just a few clicks.

Ship your orders, stress-free

Ship your orders through your Shopify store as you currently do & the tracking details will be sent directly to the dropshippers store.

Secure & timely payments

Once we confirm the goods have shipped we pay you either on the same day or next, depending on the time the goods were shipped.

How to become a Wholesaler?

Just download the Smart Sell Club wholesaler App, register your wholesale account, upload the products you want to wholesale and wait for orders to start coming.

Register your
Wholesale account

Upload your

Fulfil the orders you receive and get paid

Plans & Pricing

Choose your suitable plan & get started with Smart Sell Club




$29.95 / Month


$199.95 / Month


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Fees explained: The transaction fee is charged by our payment gateway. When you get a sale from our platform we charge the Dropshippers credit card (we incur a fee by the payment gateway) and we then transfer the funds to your account (we get charged a transaction fee by our payout gateway). We recommend upgrading your plan once you start getting sales from our marketplace to reduce these fees.

All Prices shown above are in US Dollars.
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Available Integrations

Smart Sell Club integrates with the top E-commerce platforms.
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A world first SAAS platform that allows Full Stack E-commerce stores to scale their business quickly and easily by adding a wholesale channel.

The fastest way to grow your company is by selling to more people, however, this can be time-consuming and means you need to spend more money on marketing. With Smart Sell Club you can have other online retailers sell your products in their stores. Once they receive an order you just ship the goods directly to their customers. Best of all the entire process is automated within your Shopify store. You receive the order as you normally would and just ship the goods. 

We’re here 24*7 for you and your clients!

We are here to help you succeed. Not sure about anything or just need to ask us some questions. Contact us anytime of the day or week and we will respond back in record time. We are here to help you scale your business so reach out to one of our experts today.

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Smart Sell Club services at Your Finger Tips

Our team have e-commerce stores just like you. That means you are talking to people who are experienced and will understand your business. They are ready to help you scale your business.

What people are saying about us

This platform scaled our business to numbers we never thought were possible. We now do over 15 tonne of coffee sales per month and that number is growing every day.
- Coffee Hero
Running ads on facebook and google can get very expensive, especially when selling to multiple countries around the world. It makes it hard to add new products when all your cash flow goes to advertising. Since we became a wholesaler with Smart Sell Club we have been able to sell in 4 new markets without spending extra money on advertising. All our cash flow is now spent on more stock and adding new products to our store. This has been the best move we have ever made for our business and wish we did it sooner.
- Beauty By Light
Frequently Asked Questions​

To be a wholesaler is quick and easy. We just need to know where you store your goods, if you can ship the goods within 2 business days of receiving the order and how you handle returns. A simple verification method gets you approved quickly, usually on the same day.

A full stack e-commerce store is a store that owns its stock. Usually, they are the manufacturer, importer or distributor of their products and house the stock in their warehouse, office or home depending on the size of the business. To become a wholesaler you must be able to ship your products from your business address so the dropshippers customers receive their orders quickly.

Dropshipping is a business model which allows entrepreneurs to run their own online stores without ever managing inventory. When a dropshipper sells a product on their store, they’ll then buy it from a supplier, who will ship it directly to their customer. With Smart Sell Club this happens automatically within your Shopify store.

As a wholesaler you have no restriction to how many products you can sell. The more products the better just as long as you have the stock.

You can cancel your account any time you like. If a product is no longer in stock it will automatically be unvailable on smart sell club, just make sure you track your inventory correctly. 

You can always contact us to ask any questions you may have. We are wholesalers and sellers just like you and can you help you with any questions you may have.